Website Updated

I have done a major update of the website theme. This shouldn’t be to obvious as it was a code in the background update and not a layout or image update. For those of you that were really annoyed at the formatting issues with commas that should be fixed now. For those of you that hadn’t noticed 🙂 Anywhere there was a comma in a sentence it would remove the space behind that comma so that everything looked like this example (word,next word) instead of (word, next word). I finally dug up some free time to attack and fix this issue.

Just a reminder, now that I have updated the code, please let me know of you notice any weirdness anywhere. It’s a large site and the potential for this fix to break something somewhere else is always there. So far all seems good to me but lots of other eyes always helps.


Wire chase/conduit through cabin top

We needed to run four AWG cable from the solar panels on the new hard dodger down below as well as route the cable for a GPS antenna and 12 volt accessory power  to under the hard dodger. We decided to use 2 inch PVC pipe with a 180 degree bend in the pipe to keep water out of the boat. The following pictures show the drilled holes and filling of the core and then gluing of the pipe in to the cabin top with epoxy.

We drilled the big hole for the pipe and took the opportunity to fill in with epoxy some bolt holes for hardware that was no longer there

You can see where we removed the core to fill with epoxy to seal it

Duct tape worked great for sealing the bottoms of the holes so that epoxy did not leak down below

The candidate poxy is showing where he has filled in the core and around the standpipe

Most of excess epoxy cleaned off

Underneath have her tape was removed

finished wire conduit . Eventually the deck will be sanded and new non skid will go around and over all holes

Eventually after the non skid is put on we will also paint the PVC pipe

Sept 2013 Newsletter

I can’t believe that it is only four years since I started the website in Sept of 2009. So much has happened in the last 4 years that 2009 feels like forever ago. Even though it has only been four years a lot has happened for all of us. Some of our familiar faces have sold their boats and are no longer around, while new owners that bought those boats have shown their faces and are now sharing their experiences with us. In my personal life I have put thousands of hours into projects on our DE38 and you can expect to start seeing write ups of many of those over the next year as I get time. I also now have a lovely two and half year old daughter that keeps us hopping.

The website has grown considerably over the last four years. I believe we have about 300 pages of content on the website not including whats in the forums. We have 232 registered members on the forums now and between them there are over 1700 posts on the forums. Website growth with new articles on this or that has been sporadic due to time constraints on my part and on lack of submitted articles from other members. I have a handful of members that have allowed me to copy stuff from their blogs or websites and you will once in a while see, when I get some free time, a spurt of posts go up from one or two members. That is usually me getting a chance to go out to their websites and copy a few of their pertinent posts over to the Downeaster Yachts website. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the site. I think I have spent a couple […]