Server Issues

So I am sure some of you have noticed the website missing for intermittent periods over the last day or so. Our server is a virtual server running on a larger hardware server. The physical server underwent maintenance and a major OS upgrade. This for some still unknown negatively impacted the virtual servers running on top of it, one of which runs our website as well as several other websites. I have been working trying to figure out the issue and get the site back up. As of the time of this post it is running but the performance is really bad. Expect it to be slow until we figure out what is wrong. If we can not figure it out in the next week I will have to start looking at moving the website to a new VS server, which will be a lot of work and more disruption. Hopefully though even if slow the virtual server will stay stable.

I just wanted everyone to have a little heads up on what is going on.

Scott Carle

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