Major hardware upgrade to server hosting website

Ok, I finally got to move the virtual server from the older hardware it was on to newer older hardware. Basically went from a dual quad core zeon to a quad processor 10 core per processor system. I was able to give the system more ram and cpus to help increase performance. I think it has worked. It’s only been up on the new hardware for a few minutes and seems to be much much faster. You should notice not differences at all other than speed.


Also and sorry about this but if you made any posts since about 4pm yesterday till the time of this post they did not get moved over to the new server. Please post again. I did not notice that anyone had posted in that timespans so didn’t think it would be an issue. Due to the old hardware it took many hours to convert from the old virtual format to a raw format and the move the image to the new hardware. Then had to be converted again to the new virtual platform. however that all being said it is a much more powerfull system and run on a 10 disk raid 10 array of ssd’s that should allow it to run … well just a lot faster 🙂

If you notice any weirdness that is new let me know.

Scott Carle

Jack of all IT trades and Webmaster.


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