Running Rigging

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he owner’s manual for the DE 38 (obtained from Todd on Cloudshadow; thanks, Todd) shows rope dimensions for sheets as follows: main 100 feet of 3/8″; staysail 75 feet of 3/8″ and jib sheets 100 feet (I assume that’s the total for two) of 1/2″. I bought TOR II last year and the sheets in place are: jib sheets, 53 feet each of 3/4″; staysail 100 feet of 1/2″; and main sheet, 45 feet of 1/2″, all look like New England Sta-Set. Sailing from La Paz, Baja to San Carlos, Sonora, there were no problems. But, I don’t think these are right, especialy the mainsheet, which may be too short. What do you all use? Are there any reasons not to use the larger rope sizes-certainly handling larger sheets is easier although heavier overall.
Thanks. Tom Latta


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