Lexan and Polycarbonate workshop

How to work with lexan. Most of us have lexan or acrylic windows. The following pdf answers all you questions in detail about working with lexan. If you know of any other resources for this let me know and I will put it up here.


I found a cool site with a massive amount of howtos in working with plastics in general. Sadly in the last couple  of days the piedmont plastics website has disappeared from the web. I am going to leave the link below for a while in the hopes that it is a temporary problem and that it will be put back up. I just gave Piedmont Plastics a call in charlotte and they are having web issues and working on getting it back up. So just be patient for a bit and it should be back up eventually. 🙂

You know how one person will say my lexan windows have not faded or yellowed in 20 years while another says that they can’t see through them after 5 years. Well there are a lot of different grades of lexan/polycarbonate that have different propertys.

Here is a page that lists some of the different grades and their properties.

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