DE38 Eclipse

Martin kindly sent in some photos of his DE38 and a few notes about the pictures.

The bimini was a failed experiment, it’s now back to Sunbrella.

You may notice, the stay-sail is (obviously) minus the boom (now Profurl) yet still has the original self-tending hardware and sheet.

She doesn’t look quite so “pretty” today as I am replacing the bowsprit and all its associated parts.
A local hardwood shop fabricated a West Epoxy laminated kiln-dried fir replica of the original for $864.96 (incl. 6% tax) and wanted a further $200 for drilling the bolt holes.
The old bowsprit, in the photo, is upside down to show the rot on the starboard under side.

All the best,

Trex caprail stern + Trex caprail starboard + Trex caprail bows (but no bowsprit)

Companionway steps closed + Companionway steps open (hinged on stbd. side)

Nav-table storage step (closed – looking forward) + Nav-table storage step (open – looking forward) + Nav-table storage step (closed – looking aft) + Nav-table storage step (open – looking aft

Meant to mention… ventilation is supposed to be important but the area under the bunks is not ventilated so, I drilled 2 holes in the vertical sides of each and “plugged” them with a “vent-cap” – visible below the winch handle laying on the stbd. bunk (to the left) in the photo: Nav-table storage step (closed – looking aft).

BTW… the vertical post on the right (in the photo) is the deck support (that previously supported the table).
I moved the post aft (to open up the cabin) against the fwd. side of the galley, as I had removed the table and installed a diesel-fired heater against the fwd. main cabin bulkhead.
Am still trying to figure out a way to re-mount the table, using the post and with a collapsible leg, so as to make it removable and stowed when not in use.

V-berth storage locker behind port seat-back with shelf installed behind louvered teak door +

Anchor chain locker preventer – i.e. Starboard cut to shape/bolted inside anchor locker (removable from Fwd. cabin) to prevent chain destroying teak door (which I have witnessed).

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