Stove Manual

Manual for factory stove?
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Enter data in orange Min The rules according to Dave Gerr
boxes, below Size “The Nature of boats” – great book
Displacement (lbs.) = 19,500 DE38=19,500:DE32=17,000
(Don’t forget all the junk onboard + crew)
Safety factor = 1.2 Coastal = 1.1, Offshore = 1.2
Total Breaking = 23,400 Yellow cells be calculated automatically.
strenght of shrouds Gerr only calculates using ONE of the lower shrouds on each side.
He suggests that only one is working fully depending on point of sail.
Min Lower Shrouds 14,040 3/8 60% of total (only one shroud measured).
Min Upper Shrouds 9,360 9/32 40% of total. (note cap shroud carries LESS weight).
Headstay Input Manually >>>> 3/8 Size of heaviest shroud or one greater (make your own judgement).
Backstay Input Manually >>>> 5/16 One size smaller than the headstay (not sure why this is?).
Breaking strenght for 1 X 19 SS Rope
1/4 8,200 lbs Adjust GREEN figures if your suppliers
9/32 10,300 lbs breaking strength is different
5/16 12,500 lbs
3/8 17,500 lbs
1. Use this spreadsheet with caution and take expert advice etc. etc.. Don’t try and sue me, I have no money.
2. Over specifying (i.e. too heavy wire) is not recommended – weight, cost etc..
3. Breaking strenghts for different SS wire types (e.g. 302 V. 316) are different, so adjust GREEN box figures above.
4. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
5. This spreadsheet will only work for displacements between 12,000 and 24,000 lbs. and single spreader rigs.
6. I cannot over-recommend Gerrs book. It covers everything from Hull Forms, Props, Engines, Rigging etc..
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