Bowsprit Replacement: Gracie Emmet DE32

This small write up is from the owners of Gracie Emmett that is listed for sale in the forums at She looks like a beautiful boat that has been lovingly taken care of. If you want to see a lot of other pictures of her then visit the forum link above.

From Duane:

Attached are a few photos of the steel bow sprit/anchor platform, and a few thoughts of this project. Typical of many boat projects, this one started out modest and innocent enough. When I first purchased the boat I wanted to remove the anchor windlass to clean and service it. After removal though, I found rot around the mounting bolt. There begins the real motivation for the bow sprit/anchor platform redesign.

The bow sprit/anchor platform was completely redesigned and replaced with cruising in mind. It is constructed of steel tubing. Aesthetically I believe there is no significant difference in appearance from the original painted wooden bow sprit.

The primary difference is that the wooden bow sprit was actually heavier and the lamination and wood are higher maintenance than steel.

The new steel bow sprit has transferred the weight of the anchors inboard and provides a strong, integrated bow pulpit assembly, which provides greater structural integrity than the previous arrangement. The anchor rollers are custom designed to receive the two bow anchors (CQR and Plow). There are also additional custom features included such as attachment points for fair leads for the anchor roads, jack lines, jib downhaul and drifter (spinnaker). The two photos were to illustrate the new platform with and without the platform base. The new bow sprit is extremely seaworthy with strong backing plates and reinforced platform assembly. It should hold under extreme sea anchoring as well as conventional anchoring conditions.


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