Folding Salon Table

Bret Diamond has posed a number of questions in the discussion page. One of them was about a fold up saloon table. The same idea occurred to me on Eriu. It is currently under consideration, but will have to wait for funding to catch up with the project list.

While searching the web, however, I did find two photos of fold away table which looks good

Folding Table
Folding table 2

(Second photo from Capt. Ron’s Boat “Halcyon”).

If Capt. Ron or the other owner wishes to comment, I would appreciate any further input.

Eriu has a fixed table supported at the after end by a nice wood pole (excuse the mess, this was the day I bought the boat). If I go ahead with the folding option I would leave this in place, as a useful hand hold. The gimballed shelf box you see in the photo, over the table, has been removed. It was useful, but tended to get filled up with junk. It has been moved to the partial bulkhead forward of the sink (and still gets filled up with junk)
Any comments, ideas, photos etc. are welcome and will be posted here (e-mail me)

Salon II

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