DE32 Cutter Running and Standing Rig Details

Duane of Gracie Emmett found some factory spec sheets and copied them for us. So enjoy and drop a thank you to him 🙂

Here are some PDF's you can download and look at with acrobat reader.

DE 32 Deck Fittings PDF

DE 32 Rigging PDF

32 Spars PDF

Here are some pictures that Duane pulled from documentation he has also. Click on the images to see them full size.

Per Duane:

Here are some diagrams/drawings that were included with the original DE32 (cutter) owner's manual.

Even though some of these details have been changed, through modifications and improvements, they

provide an illustration of some of the main rigging components.

Turnbuckle Details

Staysail Details

Spreader Details

Jib Sheet Details

Bowsprit Details

Deck Details 1

Mast Details

Mainsheet Details (mid boom)

Main Sheet, Boom, Staysail and Staysail Boom Details

Staysail StaySheet Details

Masthead Details

Mast Head Details

Per Duane:

Here are details of the spars from the owner's manual supplied by the builder, Down East Yachts, Inc.

Although these provide a great deal of reference material, some of the details are missing (such as the

second sail track on the mast on Gracie Emmett) or not exactly “as built” (such a the spreader bracket attachment mast

plate is much more substantial and is welded on GE) or modified (such as the goose necks on both booms on GE).

Mast Head Details

Spreader Details

Inner Stay Details

Main Boom Details

Mast Boom Details

Staysail Boom Details

Spar Notes


Duane has posted this content in other places on the forum but I thought I would try and bring it all together in one place for people to talk out 🙂

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