Saffanah Mast Wiring

I just re-wired the mast on my 32 and added and/or replaced the following:

· New VHF antennae

· New Aquasignal tri color with anchor light – all LED

· New Windex wind indicator

· New Tri-lense radar reflector

· New deck/steaming light – incandescent and halogen

· Fabricated several aluminum brackets to hold every thing at the mast head without interference

· I also added two mast steps at the mast head on which I can stand if I must go to change bulbs or do other work

· Also wrapped the mast at the mast head with a couple strips of reflecting tape. Hopefully I can direct a flash light to find Saffanah a crowded anchorage in the dark. Just shine the flash light up at various masts until I get a reflection off the tape. Especially important when I have had just one extra beer before stepping into the dinghy to return to Saffanah.

The conduit in the 32 is as you stated in the 38 and would suggest all wiring be replaced. I also ran a conduit through the deck so that there are no leaks between the deck and mast. Originally the wiring exited the mast at deck level and penetrated the deck – wanted to correct situation since I considered it to be a problem. Also set up wiring with pin plugs so I can easily remove and restep the mast without cutting wiring in the future.

Here is a view from the deck

Also here is a view of the mast head with the original anchor light that was on its last legs in my hand

This was not a cheap endeavor however. I bought a Aquasignal LED masthead tricolor and the radar reflector was not cheap at all. Took 92 feet of wire, because of the various separate lighting circuits in the mast – anchor light, tri color, deck light, and steaming light as well as new antennae wire. Set up my VHF and AIS radio with separate antennae – mast head for AIS and separate VHF antennae for communications mounted on radar arch. Wanted separate antennae and locations so if I were dismasted I would still have a VHF antennae mounted on the radar arch. Altogether have better than $1,000 invested in stuff plus 20 hours of my labor to fabricate supports, remove old wiring and add new wiring.

By the way – here is the antennae arch I just installed on Saffanah – will send photos of completed project once I install all of the items – radar, various antennae, dinghy davits, solar panels etc.

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