Headliner Replacement: Gracie Emmett DE32

This small write up is from the owners of Gracie Emmett that is listed for sale in the forums at She looks like a beautiful boat that has been lovingly taken care of. If you want to see a lot of other pictures of her then visit the forum link above.

A few photos and thoughts on headline replacement.

The original headliner material was vinyl, attached to thin strips of non-marine plywood and non-stainless steel staples. The real problem with this original, factory installed headliner is that it prevented access to all of the deck mounted hardware. Another serious problem with the deck mounted hardware is that it was embedded into the fiberglass at the factory, requiring a chisel and hammer to gain access to the underside of the deck hardware. If a DE has not removed the original headliner there is every possibility that all of the deck hardware bedding is original and has long since failed, thereby exposing the deck core to water infiltration.

We took the time to remove the old vinyl (vile) headliner and attachments (weeks of work plucking rusted staples) and installed a headliner system that can be removed to allow continual access to deck hardware in order to inspect and replace, as needed. We installed a product called Spectropile and used Velcro strips bedded with 5200 marine caulk and stainless steel staples.

The original vinyl/foam backed headliner was susceptible to mildew and mold formation. Also, from a structural standpoint, preventing access to deck mounted hardware maintenance and inspection is a real structural issue.

Spectopile is not an inexpensive material, nor is 5200 caulk and stainless steel staples. Not only is Spectropile made from recycled materials it is an ideal marine grade material. Even with a future panelized headline system in-place, the boat blanket/Spectopile acts as an interior insulation barrier that will also reduce condensation. We also fabricated very effective double mesh hatch screens, with Velcro strips, that securely attaches to the headliner. When not in use, these screens fold into a small, soft case for stowing.

Non-woven polyester fabric for marine use.
Some of the features and benefits are:
* Made from Foss brand solution-dyed polyester fiber. Our polyester fiber is made from Eco-fi™ (100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles)
* Consistent color, maximum color-fastness, and high UV resistance
*High heat resistance – superior to polypropylene.
* Exceptionally plush and uniform in appearance with no linear pattern.
* High resistance to chemicals – including hydrocarbons, salts, acids, and alkalis.
* Resists mold and mildew.
* Resists staining and soiling.
* Also available with our patented Fosshield® antimicrobial technology.


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