We had a contact form here you could submit but the plugin that drove it is now unsupported and started causing issues with the forums. We will have another one back up sometime in the near future when I find something I like.


For now

Please email me at if you need anything or are having an issue with the website or registration issues. You can also reach me at 1-843-465-6555 if you wish to speak on the phone. If I have remembered to turn it on you can also catch me on skype with user name scottcarle

Please put downeaster yachts somewhere in the subject line so that I don’t miss it in my inbox. Due to being a very long term resident of the internet with lots of domains I get in excess of a 1000 emails a day of which only 40 or 50 are legitimate and not spam. My filters catch 900+ but I still have to weed through a chunk that make it to my inbox. Putting downeaster yachts in the subject line will help me not accidentally treat your mail as spam if I don’t recognize the email address it is from.


Thank you very much for your patience as we work on the contact page.

Scott Carle

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