Headliner Trim

from old forum

Sailrite sells nautolex “hidem” for 40 cents a foot or $24 for a 75 foot roll. As far as I know, this is the same stuff that trims the stock DE headliner. Sailrite can be contacted at or 800-348-2769.

The headliner trim is manufactured under the trade name of “Smooth-Tite”. It is in the current Keyston Auto & Marine Catalogue #1001, page # 69. The problem is that they only list black and white colors. It was not in stock in the San Diego Keyston Upholstery Supply on Aero Drive when I was looking for it in August. I was able to locate a sample that had been ordered from Keyston several years ago, and it was identical to the material used on our boat, except that the color was wrong.

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