Running Backstays on the DE38

Re: Running Backstays on DE38 Cutter

From: Greg Smith
Date: 01 Jan 2000

Well….you got me. I thought runners were standard! The runners on my cutter are swaged cable with Shaefer 5/1 blocks (your basic West Marine boom vang setup) on the bottom end. There is a through bolt on the mast to which they are attached. 2 monster padeyes on the bulwark caprail about even with the wheel, through bolted with backing plates handle the lower attach. A couple more less substantial padeyes foreward allow storing the runners when not needed. The only time I ever use mine is when the wind starts to really pipe up. Then they really stabilize the rig. They are also really handy for securing the mast when working on the standing rigging. If you are interested in details, I’ll sketch up my installation and send it on to the BB.

Re: Running Backstays on DE38 Cutter

From: Michael H
Date: 08 Jan 2000

Hi all,

I added running backs also, locations the same as Greg’s, but used T-900 instead of wire. I put hard eyes in both ends, then a tail of Sta-Set X so that wears out instead of the pricy kevlar.

Thought is that the soft fabric won’t chafe the main when in inevitable ‘oops’ happens.



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