Farryman starter

From the old forums

Having removed the starter on the old 32 hp Farymann a number of times I can share a bit of experience. I used a 22mm craftsman wrench that I had the shaft cut off at about 6 inches in length (tight clearance) I also had a portion of the actual radius cut so that it would fit over the actual bolt and corresponding “tight” fit area. Lying on the cabin sole (a few pads makes it tolerable) take off the watch and rings, an ibuprofen 800mg for the ultimate cramps and pain, you can get a purchase on the nuts and with each flat side turn you can get the nuts to turn about 1 complete turn in 8 repositions of the wrench. Tough going, even tougher when you have the nuts off and then try to pull the damn thing out … then you will realize how heavy it truely is and how strong your fingers are. There is a design flaw with the cooling system on the port side, as the terminal spighot on the hose will leak, right on the starter motor…I had my rebuilt twice.
Now for the good news, once you do replace the starter motor, count on replacing it again. If your mechanic insists on removing the engine, replace the entire unit with either a Universal 35b or similiar propulsion unit. Parts are extremely expensive for that engine and serviceability (like having to take the water pump off to change the impellor) is a real bear. Not all parts are available. The engine weigh around 675 lbs so no light task in removing.
If you end up pulling the engine and do not want to replace the engine, check out your engine bedlogs, a number of engines end up riding right on the fiberglass pan, which on all boats is not dead center in the engine room…an explanation for the 3 vulcanized connectors we went thru before deciding to repower…even then with the off center pan it made repowering a real challange ! Good Luck !

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