Major website upgrade

As everyone will be noticing the website has had some significant changes. I have done a long overdue upgrade to both the basic website software and the forum software. I guarantee that we will have some teething issues. Please let me know if you find any bugs or stuff not working. I am actually working through stuff just like you guys as this is such a major version jump that I am learning to use it now also.

Right now I am trying a new layout for the forums. Let me know if you like this or not.. It is a minor matter to change it back to a standard layout. Also this upgrade is problematical in that the developers removed some features according to them as part of the free download forum. Those features I will need to purchase to re-implement them.. I’m not to worried about that but I’m not sure what functionality is missing in this new version. Let me know if you run across stuff we could do before and now can’t..

One of the major bugs I was trying to fix with this upgrade was the posting of links in forum posts being broken. This is now fixed. I have tested it and it works.. If you still have an issue with it let let me know. But as of right now I am considering it fixed.

There seems to be an issue with the TinyMCE editing controls for creating posts. I am working at resolving that. Normal posting with basic options still works. Also there is a totally new image and media uploading subsystem. The controls for that are under the text area when you are creating a new post.

Just let me know what issues you run into if any and we will […]

Computer use 101…. Keeping it running

So I was on a boating forum I’m a member of and as seems to happen a lot the conversation turned to computers, almost everyone has them and uses them from basic internet use to being parts of their navigation systems on boats nowadays. Since I do computers for a living someone asked me how to keep a computer clean… The conversations was over the automated registry cleaner programs such as CC Cleaner or others of it’s ilk that I recommend against.

The question was

Scott,Can you recommend a process for a non-geek to use to keep a computer clean?


My answer that I thought might be valuable to some here also.

its actually simpler than you would think and a bit harder.

 First.. The # 1 rule is don’t install software on your computer. If you actually read the license agreement that you have to accept to use windows on your computer it specifies that Microsoft doesn’t warrant windows to run if you install anything on it.. including their other products including Microsoft Office, etc….  When I sold computers and provided a warranty on them, we specifically didn’t warranty the OS or software and showed clients that because Microsoft wouldn’t warranty windows that we wouldn’t warranty software. We did warranty the hardware. If we replaced a piece of hardware to get a computer operating again it was covered. If we could fix it by fixing the software it wasn’t covered. How could I reasonably give a warranty on a product that the companies making wouldn’t give. You will find that now days almost every piece of commercial software sold has the same we don’t warranty it to work if it’s installed on anything or with anything verbage.

 So we all know that a […]

Sept 2013 Newsletter

I can’t believe that it is only four years since I started the website in Sept of 2009. So much has happened in the last 4 years that 2009 feels like forever ago. Even though it has only been four years a lot has happened for all of us. Some of our familiar faces have sold their boats and are no longer around, while new owners that bought those boats have shown their faces and are now sharing their experiences with us. In my personal life I have put thousands of hours into projects on our DE38 and you can expect to start seeing write ups of many of those over the next year as I get time. I also now have a lovely two and half year old daughter that keeps us hopping.

The website has grown considerably over the last four years. I believe we have about 300 pages of content on the website not including whats in the forums. We have 232 registered members on the forums now and between them there are over 1700 posts on the forums. Website growth with new articles on this or that has been sporadic due to time constraints on my part and on lack of submitted articles from other members. I have a handful of members that have allowed me to copy stuff from their blogs or websites and you will once in a while see, when I get some free time, a spurt of posts go up from one or two members. That is usually me getting a chance to go out to their websites and copy a few of their pertinent posts over to the Downeaster Yachts website. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain the site. I think I have spent a couple […]

Website/Server Maintenance Complete

Just to let everyone know it was Saturday before I was able to upgrade the server but everything went very smoothly. We went from 4 gigs of ram to 32 gigs of ram on the physical server and I gave the virtual server that runs the website on 6 processor cores and 12 gigs of ram to run on. The results have been stellar. The website is much more responsive than in the past.


Website Maintenance

The website will be down sometime Thursday or Friday for 20 to 30 minutes. Most likely sometime in the afternoon eastern time.

I will be upgrading the ram in the server from 4 gigs to 32 gigs. As you will have noticed already the website is much faster than it was. This should give another major performance increase.