Wire chase/conduit through cabin top

We needed to run four AWG cable from the solar panels on the new hard dodger down below as well as route the cable for a GPS antenna and 12 volt accessory power  to under the hard dodger. We decided to use 2 inch PVC pipe with a 180 degree bend in the pipe to keep water out of the boat. The following pictures show the drilled holes and filling of the core and then gluing of the pipe in to the cabin top with epoxy.

We drilled the big hole for the pipe and took the opportunity to fill in with epoxy some bolt holes for hardware that was no longer there

You can see where we removed the core to fill with epoxy to seal it

Duct tape worked great for sealing the bottoms of the holes so that epoxy did not leak down below

The candidate poxy is showing where he has filled in the core and around the standpipe

Most of excess epoxy cleaned off

Underneath have her tape was removed

finished wire conduit . Eventually the deck will be sanded and new non skid will go around and over all holes

Eventually after the non skid is put on we will also paint the PVC pipe