Website/Server Maintenance Complete

Just to let everyone know it was Saturday before I was able to upgrade the server but everything went very smoothly. We went from 4 gigs of ram to 32 gigs of ram on the physical server and I gave the virtual server that runs the website on 6 processor cores and 12 gigs of ram to run on. The results have been stellar. The website is much more responsive than in the past.


Tondelayo Updated

David Gill of Tondelayo sent in some pictures of his current projects. I have to say they look nice. Below are a short description by him and pictures of each project.  If you have questions I’m sure you could get him to talking about it on the forums 🙂


Hi Scott,

I thought I’d send you an email with a few photos rather than trying to upload them into the forum. These shots show how to make a “steam box” to steam bend timber. It’s really easy. All you need is a heat source eg gas burner, a pot joined to some Stormwater pipe and away you go. Note that I used standard PVC pipe which loses it’s integrity above 60 degrees Celsius and it still worked however I believe it’s possible to get better quality pipe that will handle the steams elevated temp. Also, make sure you have a hole at each end to allow the release of the pressure that builds up. The trick is to get your timber finished to the desired profile before bending. I was working with hardwood and trying to bend it along it’s width which is probably the hardest possible technique but I still got results. (I went through a few prototypes prior to succeeding.) Happy to discuss further if anyone’s interested. Here’s some shots of Tondy’s floor. It took a lot of elbow grease to sand it back to bare timber before applying 1 coat of a mould inhibitor then  3 coats of Feast Watson Floor Clear Polyurethane. The good thing about this product is that if I want to tidy it up in a few years it just needs a clean and a light sand then you just put a fresh coat straight on. A word for the wise, If […]