Universal Diesel 5432 engine part numbers for common parts with some crossover numbers

Diesel Filters

Universal 298854 Car Quest-86390 Kubota 70000-43081 Wix 33390 NAPA 3390 AC TP807 Purolator PER-262-F Motorcraft FG72 fleetguard # ff5226

Fram P-7514 Fram P-3726 Big-A 538 Baldwin BF940

Oil filter universal part number 299584

Impellers Category: Manufacturer: Universal Part Number: 295628 Description: OBERDORFER IMPELLER

This part number is for the impeller alone. Universal kit 200209 includes this impeller and the gasket necessary for installation.

The following part numbers are generally considered alternatives / replacements for one another:

Universal 295628 Universal 200209 Globe 815 Oberdorfer 6593 Westerbeke 17556

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It’s been a while since I have done much to update the website.  We have been very busy working on Valkyr. New hard dodger, bimini, new deck paint job, installing hot water heater, installing all new 120 volt inlet, isolation transformer, circuit breaker and automatic transfer relay for it and the inverter to run to as well as a thousand other little projects. One of these days I will do some write up’s of the projects.


However that isn’t the main topic of this post. Though I haven’t been posting much I have been keeping track of whats going on in the website. In the last few weeks some of you will have noticed a lot of spam popping up on the forum and the disappearing a few hours to days later. We have been having actually people signing up and then later manually posting spam to the forum. I have been suspicious of some of the emails and user names that people have been registering with but hey there are some weird usernames and email addresses out there. As users have posted spam I have removed it and deleted their user accounts. However after my 3rd round of manually deleting all the spams I am getting a little frustrated.  I have deleted every user that I even remotely think is not a valid user. If I have mistakenly deleted you please let me know and then recreate your account. I don’t think I deleted any valid users though. Next is a general warning. If this continues I am going to move registration on the site to where when new users register they have to be approved by me before they are able to post anywhere. This will include them having to write a paragraph about who they are and why they want to be […]