Spam Registrations Deleted

It’s been a while since I have done much to update the website.  We have been very busy working on Valkyr. New hard dodger, bimini, new deck paint job, installing hot water heater, installing all new 120 volt inlet, isolation transformer, circuit breaker and automatic transfer relay for it and the inverter to run to as well as a thousand other little projects. One of these days I will do some write up’s of the projects.


However that isn’t the main topic of this post. Though I haven’t been posting much I have been keeping track of whats going on in the website. In the last few weeks some of you will have noticed a lot of spam popping up on the forum and the disappearing a few hours to days later. We have been having actually people signing up and then later manually posting spam to the forum. I have been suspicious of some of the emails and user names that people have been registering with but hey there are some weird usernames and email addresses out there. As users have posted spam I have removed it and deleted their user accounts. However after my 3rd round of manually deleting all the spams I am getting a little frustrated.  I have deleted every user that I even remotely think is not a valid user. If I have mistakenly deleted you please let me know and then recreate your account. I don’t think I deleted any valid users though. Next is a general warning. If this continues I am going to move registration on the site to where when new users register they have to be approved by me before they are able to post anywhere. This will include them having to write a paragraph about who they are and why they want to be members.

None of this should affect members or non members being able to view any content on the site. The information is there for everyone and will stay that way. However just to make my life and the effort it takes to maintain the site resonable I will most likely be tightening up registrations as I have specified.


Thank you for being patient with this,

Scott Carle


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2 comments to Spam Registrations Deleted

  • Sorry that you have to take this step, Scott. I recently had to set up comment moderation on my blogs too, for the same reason: spam comments.

    It’s a shame that the worls is filled with such creatures.

    s/v Eolian
    DE45 #11

  • This has become so endemic across a lot of infrastructure I manage that it gets my blood pressure up dealing with it anymore. The cost in time and money to fight this stuff when looked at on a annual basis for businesses and individuals has to be absolutely staggering.

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