Companionway Seat/Table

I first saw this table/seat in a newsletter I get from Steve Roberts of the Nomadnes report (his ) I modified it slightly to fit how we wanted to use it, by doing a cutout on the right side as you face it in the companionway. This allows for someone to climb up or down the companionway with the table installed. Our companionway is fairly wide so it still left plenty of space for a usable table surface. In mounting it we drilled holes at every step from bottom to top so that the table could be used for multiple tasks at different levels.

So far we have used it for several things

It has freed up the space over the fridge that normally holds utensils, mixing bowls of ingredients etc.. and has given me much better access to the fridge when working in the galley. Mostly I use it in the top step of the companionway for this. For me it is at chest height. My wife who is shorter might use it in the step below that to be more comfortable for her. I intend to install some removable fiddle boards for when at sea eventually so that we will be able to use it then also. It works as an extra seat in the second from the bottom step. We haven’t created a cushion for it yet but intend to create one that has flaps that fold down and under the table to attach to some velcro or snaps on the bottom of the table. This way the attachment won’t affect the work surface on top when the cushion isn’t in place. I had to replace a filter under the galley sink that faces the companionway. At 6’2″ it has always been a very difficult process […]