Interior work by Scott Maxwell

Lots to do inside that’s for sure. David Smith has the project of the cabin sides and new handrail at their bottom. Right now he is scarfing pieces of 9MM marine plywood and shaping to fit. I missed getting a picture of the cardboard templates made for them, he tacked them up along each side to indicate the dimensions of the new cabin sides. Once they are installed we’ll paint them white and start to build the handrails that will trim out the bottom of each side. And then we can install windows!

Last weekend I got to disassemble more of the boat by removing various parts of the cabin trim in the way of the cabin side installation. I removed the rails around the top of the hanging lockers while I was at it and peeled off the old Harvest Gold formica tops to those. I scraped off the old glue and then cleaned the tops of each locker with Acetone.

I did get to do a bit in the cockpit. The deck just aft of the lazarette was bothering me, it hadn’t been sealed and the holes for the steering shaft were not filled either. I mixed some epoxy and buttered up the inside edge of the steering shaft hole through the deck. Tomorrow I’ll drill out the holes oversize and fill with epoxy. Then I can re-drill and mount the steering shaft bearing underneath and the tiller tim above.

It’s also time to start my prop shaft project. The shaft is quite pitted where it goes through the packing box and I’ll never get it to seal that way. I’m hoping I can slide the shaft back and get the shaft seal and rubber hose out, cut a new piece of hose longer and reinstall the shaft seal so it rides on a different part of the shaft. Otherwise it’s time to remove the shaft either through the rear (with a rudder removal) or through the front (by pulling the engine).

I finally took some pictures of the stainless steel trim pieces made for the bitts. The bitts are bedded in black polysulfide and it sure looks good.

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