Website Maintenance

The website will be down sometime Thursday or Friday for 20 to 30 minutes. Most likely sometime in the afternoon eastern time.

I will be upgrading the ram in the server from 4 gigs to 32 gigs. As you will have noticed already the website is much faster than it was. This should give another major performance increase.


Website Down for performance upgrade

I hadn’t posted on this yet but actually the site has been down since yesterday afternoon here till early afternoon today. Almost 24 hours.. The site runs on a virtual web server and I shut it down to move it from the old physical server to a newer one. You will notice that already the site is much faster than it was. Hopefully it will be even faster once I get in the ram to bump the server from 4 gigs to 32 gigs in the next week or so. The server is running other virtual severs and ram is the limiting factor at the moment.

The virtual server the website is on also serves up about 5 other websites and on the old server over the last year or so the performance has been extremely poor. Mostly due to the database server running on it also. I can dedicate more processor cores and ram to it on the new server. Like I said you should be seeing a bit of a performance increase already. You should see another in a few days.  I’m sorry I didn’t warn anyone that the site would be down but the opportunity to move to a new machine happened suddenly and I had to do it right then. We recently upgraded the upstream data bandwidth on the internet connection also. Hopefully this will all be adequate for a long time to come 🙂

I also upgraded the operating system both on the physical and virtual servers at the same time I did the physical move for the virtual server, so it has been a busy couple days for me.

As always when I do such major changes please, anyone, let me know if you notice anything wrong or have issues.

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