Stories of s/v Valkier,DE38:All the shit that accumulates #3 Composting Your way to Odor Free by Scott Carle

To see why we went composting read the articles that precede this one. All the shit that accumulates 1 and 2 🙂

After the previous experiences we installed a natures head composting head. The following composite article is a compilation of the installation and two years of usage and a few answers to questions others have asked us.


We installed the “Natures Head” composting toilet this past weekend. It fits perfectly side to side (read “it is a tight fit”) to get it in the head compartment  you take the top section off the bottom section. This is just a matter of unclipping two clips,one on either side of the unit and then sliding the top section left 3 inches or so as you lift it up to disengage the rear hinge. At that point both pieces will easily fit through either of the head doors.

Here is a few picture of the two stainless angle pieces that hold the unit to the floor. The first shows how we marked where to set the mounts. We put the head in place and them made sure that we had room on either side for the crank to turn on the right without hitting the wall and the latch on the left side of the unit to open as well as being able to slide the top to the left when pulling it off the hinge when removing it. Once it was spaced right we took a pencil and just drew a line around the backside of the angle pieces to mark where they went.

After drilling the holes with a 3/16 inch drill bit we placed the mounts over the holes to double check everything.

And then used 14×1 1/2″ stainless steal oval head screws to […]