Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I just wanted to take a moment to wish our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to continuing our journey together in the new year as we all work on, sail, live on our boats, and share our experiences here.


Merry Christmas

Scott Carle

Computer use 101…. Keeping it running

So I was on a boating forum I’m a member of and as seems to happen a lot the conversation turned to computers, almost everyone has them and uses them from basic internet use to being parts of their navigation systems on boats nowadays. Since I do computers for a living someone asked me how to keep a computer clean… The conversations was over the automated registry cleaner programs such as CC Cleaner or others of it’s ilk that I recommend against.

The question was

Scott,Can you recommend a process for a non-geek to use to keep a computer clean?


My answer that I thought might be valuable to some here also.

its actually simpler than you would think and a bit harder.

 First.. The # 1 rule is don’t install software on your computer. If you actually read the license agreement that you have to accept to use windows on your computer it specifies that Microsoft doesn’t warrant windows to run if you install anything on it.. including their other products including Microsoft Office, etc….  When I sold computers and provided a warranty on them, we specifically didn’t warranty the OS or software and showed clients that because Microsoft wouldn’t warranty windows that we wouldn’t warranty software. We did warranty the hardware. If we replaced a piece of hardware to get a computer operating again it was covered. If we could fix it by fixing the software it wasn’t covered. How could I reasonably give a warranty on a product that the companies making wouldn’t give. You will find that now days almost every piece of commercial software sold has the same we don’t warranty it to work if it’s installed on anything or with anything verbage.

 So we all know that a […]

Website Updated

I have done a major update of the website theme. This shouldn’t be to obvious as it was a code in the background update and not a layout or image update. For those of you that were really annoyed at the formatting issues with commas that should be fixed now. For those of you that hadn’t noticed 🙂 Anywhere there was a comma in a sentence it would remove the space behind that comma so that everything looked like this example (word,next word) instead of (word, next word). I finally dug up some free time to attack and fix this issue.

Just a reminder, now that I have updated the code, please let me know of you notice any weirdness anywhere. It’s a large site and the potential for this fix to break something somewhere else is always there. So far all seems good to me but lots of other eyes always helps.