s/v Blue Sky Bon Voyage Asia February 2009

Below is an excerpt from the january to february log on the s/v Blue Sky Website. To read the whole thing follow the link at the bottom of the article to their website.
Bon Voyage Asia, January to February 2009

Shopping for a major ocean crossing is always an insane event.  We are “buying low” because we learned in French Polyenesia the hard way of not stocking up.  The water line is suffering, but it’s consumables so it can only get better.  Cardboard is never allowed on board, as cock roaches lay their egss in the glue, and it is the number one way boats get infected.  Once we bring everything down to the boat we have to take it out of all the packaging, throwing away the cardboard and plastic. The fun part is finding places to stow everything, and remembering where you put it.  I write everything down now.  We will be two months in Chagos which is an uninhabited island.  After Chagos it’s off to the Seychelles and that is where we can expect resort prices.  Malaysia basically has everything that one expects at home.  Chilean wine, Austrailian cheese, New Zealand lamb, English chocolate!  So it’s stock up realitively inexpensively now or pay big in the Seychelles.  We are not expecting much in Madagascar so instead of stocking up for just a couple of months we are loading the boat to get us to South Africa.  That’s about eight to nine  months from now.


Above is our version of Costco, we found the wherehouse that supplies the grocery stores, perfect for buying bulk.


Drake is like a kid in a candy store...Oh wait he is! Purchasing our six month supply of chocolate.


Got Juice!



Along with provisioning there are many checks and preventive maintenance items we do on board to ensure the boat is safe and ready to go to sea.  Photos below are as follows:  Rig check aloft.  Jim always does this prior to a crossing.  The first time I don’t do a check is the time that something will break!  Checking all our navigation lights work.  Our Galley Port was cracked so we had to replace it.  We were able to source this in America but it took almost a month to get it all the way out here in Malaysia.  The third picture is me below decks changing out Raycor diesel fuel filters.  We changed every fluid aboard, the engine and generator,  while we had access to recycling facilities.  The last photo is of the Lewmar windlass.  This is the electric motor that lowers and lifts the anchor.  It’s a pretty important item!  Well the “sealed” housing as you can see is not sealed, thus sea water/sea spray was able to get inside and corrode the contactor.  We contacted Lewmar in Britian and they immediatly sent us a new contactor.  I will now make the windlass a regular item to check, clean and prevent this from happening again.  This is just a short list of what we have done to get prepared.  We finally wiped the last item off the list and are ready to leave!   This will be our last log for a few months, as we will not have internet access until the Seychelles.  You can follow our track by clicking here or looking at our commercial link “Yacht Trak Position” on our index page.


Rig check before leaving

Our Galley Port was cracked here is new one

Our Galley Port was cracked here is new one


Changing Raycor filters


Corroded contacts in anchor windlass


The harbor has been over run by jellyfish! The two main species that have been floating around are pictured above. The larger one ranges from pinks to purple, with thick tentacles that fish hide in, and longer tentacles streaming behind. They are approximately 2-3 feet in diameter. One day the children counted 101, could make a movie out of that. We recently learned that they live only two to three months. At least they are so large that you can see them coming if you are swimming.

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