Downeaster 38 Lost near Santa Maria in 2011

This is actually old news but I had never heard of it. I ran accross mention of it on a DE owners website

 In last year’s Baja Haha, we had a sailor fall asleep and the auto pilot took this Downeaster up on the beach at Santa Maria.  She was lost a few days later.


and on a search came up with this  report in Latitude 38.

For the record, Dachyon, the DownEast 38 that went aground north of Bahia Santa Maria was not part of the Ha-Ha fleet. But it’s not uncommon for Ha-Ha boats to come to the assistance of non-Ha-Ha boats, be they on the beach or otherwise disabled and in need of a tow. After all, helping others is part of the fun of cruising as well as part of the Ha-Ha ethos. By the way, we’re happy to report that Mark Cholewinski, who owned Tachyon, now has a new steel boat that he is fitting out for more cruising.

I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of a DE and for Mr. Cholewinski’s loss. Happily it looks like he has anew boat already. I think this happened in the fall of 2011.

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