The Cold of Winter

So after a great post title like that I have to admit anyone north of us is going to hate me when I tell how cold it is. 🙂 mid 40’s to 70ish

So we don’t have it that bad but it has been getting pretty cold on the boat. In an effort to fix it we have been looking at heaters/stoves etc.. The propane one that we have works great but providing it with propane is a bit of a pain as well as expensive.

We have been using a little resistive electric floor heater. One of the little ones and it has been doing ok and surprisingly not costing a huge amount to run. Our top power bill so far has been 50 dollars. After finding that just about anything in the way of buying and installing a diesel/wood/anything stove/heater is going to start at a base of a grand and go up I decided to postpone that project and trying something a lot simpler. 🙂 One 10 dollar window shrink kit from Home Depot.

I have to say after doing each of the 6 port lights, both the forward hatch and salon skylight as well as the 4 big windows in the salon that we have noticed an large difference. It is much warmer. The second thing we have done is cut out inserts using reflectix insulating material and putting it outside the port lights between them and the screens. On the one hand this definitely helps keep it warm but it also stops all light through the port lights.


The double sided tape goes on the vinyl trim


vberth hatch


galley curtain rods are a great place to store sippy cups


Tape, Scissors, knife, shrink wrap film and reflectix. The only think missing is the hair dryer. 🙂 have to […]