A little bit on finances: by Erick of Windsong

Lately the boat work has been pretty mundane, of the non-blog-worthy type.  I am still in the second section of the cockpit area and engine room and progress is coming along fine.  I have been busy sanding, cleaning, sanding again, them some more cleaning, then a bit more sanding, and so on.  I don’t want to update the blog with too much of the boring every-day details, so I will make some posts when I have semi-completeness to the small projects to display.  Right now the most notable projects are glassing in holes in the section, and replacing a bulkhead.

Recently I have been reading through old blog posts to edit and re-tag things so I can organize the website a bit better.  Many of the early posts focus on financial issues I faced getting into sailing, boat buying and cruising.  Since those early posts I have come very far as I had purchased a boat and have been neck deep in its restoration.  I figure it is time for an update to those early posts and to give readers an insight into where I stand on affording this cruising dream.  For your reference, I began the blog outlining my financial situation in this post: I’s all about the money – pt. 1.  The next few posts discuss how I plan on affording the boat and cruise in posts such as: How I can make money while voyaging,  Cruising Expenses part 1, 2 and 3; and How much boat can I afford?

I spent a lot of time trying to answer the question “Is this possible without being rich?”  What I learned those early days was that cruising is possible no matter your financial situation.  While it may seem like a rich man’s dream to most people, you can […]